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Cryptoon Network

Toonpaper v1.0

A community driven animation initive with collectable NFTs

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(1). Table Of Contents:

(1). _________ Table Of Contents

(2). _________ What is Cryptoon Network?

(3). _________ The team behind the concept?

(4). _________ What are NFT's?

(5). _________ What are Cryptoon Network NFTs?

(6). _________ Which chain will NFTs be minted on?

(7). _________ A breakdown of NFT sales. (a-g)

(7a). ________ 20% Shiba Inu Token Burn

(7b). ________ Why Shiba Inu?

(7c). ________ 20% Marketing Pool

(7d). ________ 20% Creators Fund

(7e). ________ 20% Charitable Donation

(7f). ________ 20% Rewards and Competitions

(7g). ________ Burning and Distribution

(8). _________ The future of Cryptoon Network?

(9). _________ What’s coming next?

(10). ________ What is The Blockiverse?





(2). What is Cryptoon Network?

We are a community driven animation initiative with collectable NFTs

Cryptoon Network is a blockchain and crypto currency centric media organisation that integrates non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with an animated cartoon series, in a world-first combination. Cryptoons will explore Crypto Currency and blockchain topical themes and are based in a fictional Blockchain based world called the 'The Blockiverse'.

The Cryptoon characters featured in our animations and associated artworks will then be made available as a series of limited edition, collectable NFTs. They will vary in rarity and be sold in open NFT marketplaces.

This community driven project will bring together creative individuals that share a desire to showcase their visions in the form of unique animation and share in our combined ethos . Our aim is to expand the knowledge of blockchain and crypto to wider audiences and hopefully help to bridge the gap between those that do, and those that do not, have knowledge and exposure to this rapidly emerging space. This vision in the long term will benefit the crypto community as a whole and not just an elite group or individual, as many of the legacy systems of the current era are intrinsically fabricated to do.



(3). The team behind the concept?

Cryptoon Network is the vision of two graphic design and musical creative minds from the UK, that also have success in business, finance and Crypto currency. They are both investors of multiple projects and have an unshakeable belief in the future of Blockchain technology and it’s pending mass adoption.

The founders can be found on Twitter under the handles @Mushtoshi and @CrypeeT. They have chosen to stay anonymous at this stage in the spirit of a decentralised eco-system as their vision was born from the community, for the community.

The two entrepreneurs are the sole writers and creators behind the first program to launch on Cryptoon Network, titled 'Moon Bears'. Since work on the project has begun, the team has started to evolve and now includes marketing, administration and animation assistants as well as a Blockchain consultant to push the project towards it’s future goals.



(4). What are NFTs?

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a unique and non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a digital ledger (blockchain). NFTs can be used to represent easily-reproducible items such as photos, videos, audio, and other types of digital files as unique items (analogous to a certificate of authenticity), and use blockchain technology to establish a verified and public proof of ownership.

Copies of the original file are not restricted to the owner of the NFT, and can be copied and shared like any file. The lack of interchangeability (fungibility) distinguishes NFTs from blockchain cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin.



(5). What are Cryptoon Network NFTs?

Our NFTs will all be a reflection of animations featured on the Cryptoon Network channel. The first series, Moon Bears, will follow season one with a limited series of characters and artwork, categorised as below, and all future series will follow this structure. All NFTs will feature some form of animation and will often be accompanied with an audio element.

Unicorns 1:1
Ultra Rare 1:5
Rare 1:10
Semi-rare 1:20
Special Editions - Limited series. Quantity variable

We have some exciting implementations we are working on to make them truly special and have some prospective partnerships in development to enable integration into other projects and new exciting use cases!



(6). Which chain will NFTs be minted on and where will they be sold?

We have thought long and hard about this! With the emergence of NFT capabilities on multiple chains, there is definitely much more option than minting on chains that cost the channel, and the buyers, high fees. We will consider this heavily and make the decision public in good time before the drops. They will be sold on the most popular marketplaces... until an animation specific marketplace arises.

We are implementing a basic governance system to encourage community engagement with the project as it develops, through social media voting mechanisms. More details on this will be published on our outlets in due course and we will keep the Cryptoon Network family informed every step of the way.

(7). The breakdown of all NFT sales:


(7a). 20% Token Burn

We will pick worthy projects that have high supply, and no publicised major burn schedule. Projects that we, as a team, believe in and that have proven themselves to be community driven, in it for longevity and with an ethos that supports and nourishes the space, and it’s holders or hodlers. This ongoing element of our profit distribution will be part of the governance process and the community will decide on the duration, and form, of it’s continuation.


(7b). Why Shiba Inu?

Our first burn donation goes to Shiba Inu. Their meteoric rise, their fit with our burn criteria and their dedication to an awesome ecosystem has made it hard not to! They continue to surprise us with their evolution and we wish to contribute any way we can to the lessening of supply, and therefore scarcity of circulation, until a noticeable burn strategy arises.

As the project progresses we may choose to burn another token and (or) add a token into the burn pool. i.e split the amount burned between multiple tokens. An example of this could be: $SHIB + $RYOSHI


(7c). 20% Marketing Pool

This is the way we will continue to drive the vision forward through reinvestment. Being a creative outlet and with much of our future aspirations built upon partnerships and integrations, as well as spreading word of the channel through multiple mediums, we need to maintain a determined approach to marketing and promotion to ensure longevity of the project.


(7d). 20% Creators Fund

To our current, and future creators must go something to reward them for their time and commitment. Without creators and the essence of creativity, a project and vision such as ours could not be realised. They are, and ever will be, the backbone of Cryptoon Network. Ongoing investment and support of the talent that makes our channel thrive is absolutely imperative.


(7e). 20% Charitable Donation

An ethos of our entire team is to give back... Give back to our community, to our supporters, to our creators and teams and also to the world at large. We feel there are just too many “rugpull” NFT and Crypto projects out there, in it for quick cash, and gone. That’s truly not us.

We want to make our impact, however small, but from the heart of our beliefs. We will support a different small charity each time we release an NFT series. A charity where our donation will make a real difference. We are open to community suggestions and would love to find deserving projects to share our successes with.


(7f). 20% Rewards and Competitions

Who would we be without a way to give back to our loyal Cryptoonies! Awesome give-aways and creative competitions with chances to win NFTs, special Cryptoon features and... more to be revealed!


(7g). Implimentation of Burning and Equity Distribution

We will manually execute burns and distribution transactions once all NFTs from a series have been sold. This will not only save on gas fees, but also ensure that the funds sent to intended destinations are distributed in their entirety and easily traceable to the associated NFT collection. This information will be publically available and in the spirit of utmost transparency, all transaction hashes are to be posted on our media outlets and website.



(8). What does the future look like for Cryptoon Network?

There’s so much more to tell! We have to keep this bit close to our chest at the moment. These secrets will reveal themselves with the progression of our roadmap and, we assure you, there are some incredible developments in store.

Cryptoon Network will be so much more than just a channel to showcase Cryptoons. There is plans being drawn up to take us to The Blockiverse and beyond! Our loyal community members have much to look forward to, and we just can’t wait to share it with you.



(9). What’s coming next?

Moon Bears - A Crypto Comdey Series

We begin with the launch of the very first Cryptoon series. A comedy, featuring the Blockiverse’s most fearsome warriors, the Moon Bears... they just don’t know it yet.

The Moon Bears must unite the many Cryptoon tribes within The Blockiverse to restore the balance and bring peace and harmony to all. Follow their epic journey to protect their world, and all worlds, from the Evil Fiat Monster and the Doolar Army.

A season of short episodes, full of crypto cameos and familiar faces. Tune in to see! After that... who knows... you’ll have to stay Tooned to find out!.



(10). Oh yeah... What is "The Blockiverse" ?

The Blockiverse is the world we at Cryptoon Network have brought into existence to showcase all of our Cryptoons. An infinite world of animation. A creation of never ending possibilities. A home that will provide the landscape for us to express both our creations, and the creations of our contributors, on a multitude of levels.

Into the Blockiverse we go.... We’ll look forward seeing you all there!

With love and laughs.

The Cryptoon Network team x






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